Odysseas Sagiadinos



These works are a small representation of all of my creations. These sensitive expressions are created in dimensions measuring from 55x38 cm 116x80 cm. Their prices are 800€ for the smallest to 4000€ for the largest. From the standpoint of recognition, I am pleased that many collectors are adding my works of expression to their collections by enthusiasts around the world. If you would like to see more of my artwork, please follow the DROUOT link on page 2 and look for my name. These paintings are original works and expressions of love. Please write me here for other works and other questions you may have. I hope my work has inspired you and has left an impression on you. Take your time and view the whole page and the whole site. Thank you for visiting with me and do let me hear your thoughts.

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Employment/Experience Summary

"L'Esprit Antique I", 115x90cm, 4000€


I was leaning on my roots

the only ones I recognize inside me.

Archangel, I was coming down from the air,

I had the sparkle of the divine reflections .

I saw the being

sinking with slow steps

into a desert of oblivion,

its sand full of illusions .

Led away from the true paths .

The ancient night

and the beautiful shadows of the bodies

mournful veils which hide

the dawn's rays from it .

It needs a lot of light

to dispel the blackness .

Me , with the limpid look

out from the sites and sacred temples

glorious on the altar

of my being .

"Oracle ou Des Femmes", 125x100cm, 4800€

"The Good and the Evil", 80x60cm, 2000€

I thank you for taking the time to take this journey into my soul. Even though what you have seen here is a representation of my overall work, I hope something you have seen here today has inspired you. I would also like to express my personal thanks to my dear friend Connie Gountanis-Rigas, of Chicago, Illinois who helped make this site possible.

I hope to hear your comments and thoughts.

With love,

"Zones Erogènes", 100x73cm, 3200€

Spirituality and emotion cannot be learned, it can only be felt. That is why expression is truly the window to the soul. Be it in the visual arts, the performing arts, or anything we do, our emotions, our souls, are always touched by expression."

Odysseas Sagiadinos

"Praxis I", 80x70 cm, 2000€

"Ulysse", 65x50cm, 1200€

"The Contracts", 123x100cm, 4800€

            THE WISH


                   MAY ZEUS HEAL YOUR SOUL

                   MAY ATHENA FILL YOUR MIND           

                   WITH HER BRIGHT WISDOM


                   MAY THE MUSES INSPIRE YOUR